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I used it for the first time a few days ago and I was impressed.  It saved my poor old back big time as I was easily able to get through buckets of wash way quicker than if I had to classify and pan each shovel full. The motor starts easily, it is lite enough for me to backpack and I am only a small guy at 70kgs.

All in all, it's a very good prospecting tool and I will be using it a lot this summer. 


Cheers Mate,

Gregory J Round / Australia


So far, I love the system. It's VERY mobile, clears a ton of material, and so far it's really reliable.  Your contraption is VERY well designed and revolutionary! If it catches on the way that I think it will, it will turn the industry on its head. I believe that your zero water pressure and a nice panning motion drops the gold out, gold of all sizes, more than any unit 
that relies on positive water pressure ever could. I won't be trying any other units anytime soon. Why waste time and money when my capture surpasses 
all the other units around me. I'm not sold easily at all, but dude, your unit rocks!


Wade Hoek / Alaska, USA

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