The  NEW MACHINE  that

makes prospecting easier !

The fully automatic gold pan - a light and very portable backpack machine.

Vibration and water flow settles and catches the gold and flushes out rocks and lighter material !

Shovel in the gravel until you're ready to see how much gold you have.

It`s simple, faster and easier packing in, set-up, and clean-out.

  • Pan 10x - 20x faster with half the work!

  • Much lighter than a comparable Highbanker and pump,  it weighs only 28lbs  /  12.7kg.

  • Quieter than a comparable machine, the efficient 4-cycle engine runs at low RPMs for extended life and gas savings.

  • 1 Liter gas =  8 - 12 Hours  of operation.

  • One year machine limited warranty.

  • Two year engine limited warranty.

  • Patents Pending - International


I used it for the first time a few days ago and I was impressed ...  (read more)

Gregory J Round / Australia

  • YouTube Channel
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